The 'A' of SAS

Acoustics is literally at the centre of SAS. The acronym stands for Special Acoustic Services.

SAS originated in 1968 as a supplier and installer of ceiling systems. In 1985 an opportunity arose to purchase a metal ceiling factory in Switzerland. Nearly two decades of installation insight combined with manufacturing expertise heralded the new generation of metal ceiling products.

The buoyant commercial market in the 1990s exemplified by Canary Wharf, provided ample opportunity for SAS to place its products. As early metal ceiling pioneers, a key differentiator at the time was sound absorption.

Contemporary acoustic consultants of the ‘90s were not routinely involved in the design of office buildings. It fell to SAS staff to point out the benefits a sound absorbing ceiling would have in the workplace – namely lower noise levels and improved inter-bay privacy.

These high specification buildings were ideally suited for the sharp aesthetic provided by perforated metal and they soon became the go-to fit-out solution. SAS continued to improve their products and were the first to use a powder coated paint technique. They also realised that thinner porous inlays could be used in the back of the tiles, rather than the thicker, low density pad that had been used to-date.