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The negative affect poor acoustics has on our wellbeing and productivity cannot be underestimated. Our perforated metal wall systems provide an attractive and highly durable solution to unwanted noise.

Installing acoustic wall panels reduces reverberation levels by absorbing sound. Basically, the sound reflecting surface is made less reflective.  Surface perforations allow sound to be absorbed by acoustic backing materials. This manages unwanted noise, aiding communication and concentration, minimising stress.

Acoustic wall panels provide excellent acoustic absorption for challenging sectors including:

  • Education
  • Leisure
  • Transportation

System features


Our Architectural Wall Panelling and Cladding systems are ultimately what you want them to be. The only restrictions are your performance requirements and the material properties of metal. To offer some guidance, here are some common features:

  • Seamless integration with SAS metal ceiling systems
  • Highly durable and impact resistant
  • Acoustic performance
  • Variety of size, shape and coloured panels (RAL)
  • High security non-demountable or quick access options
  • Integration with hand rails and services
  • Minimum 25 year product life expectancy


SAS International fixing systems allow rapid access for services and maintenance.

Suspension Options

  • Channel & Pin
  • Gravity back
  • Clip–In

System Weight

The weight of the system depends entirely on the backing materials required to achieve the specification.

Standard Panel Sizes (mm)

Tiles can be of any shape or size and manufactured in accordance with the specification. We would not recommend tiles with a surface area greater than 1m2. This is to limit the level of deflection across the tile and maintain a pleasing, flat surface.

For more information relating to bespoke tiles, please contact our technical services team.

Standard Finish

  • Coating – Polyester powder coat
  • Colour – RAL 9010 (Pure White)

Special & Non-standard Finishes

  • Available in full range of standard RAL colours
  • Anti-bacterial Coating (SAS AB)
  • Anti-graffiti Coating (SAS AG)

Other specialist powder coat finishes are available on request. For more information on non-standard finishes, please contact our technical services team.

Standard Panel Shape

  • Square
  • Rectangle

Panels can be of any shape. Particularly complex shapes add significant manufacturing complexity and come at a premium.


  • Panels can be supplied with any standard SAS perforation pattern.
  • Plain (as required)

Acoustic Treatment

Acoustic wall panels can be combined with numerous acoustically performing materials depending on specification.


Acoustic Performance

Panels can be reflective (plain) or absorptive (perforated with acoustic backing) depending on how you need to control noise. In some situations, you may need both reflective and absorptive panels to achieve the desired acoustic levels.  

Our metal wall panels can be combined with a number of backings to achieve the necessary absorption levels.

Impact Resistance

Panels can be reinforced with high density board to achieve specific impact resistance criteria.

Please contact our Technical team to discuss your performance requirements.

Acoustic Wall Systems Projects

  • Everest Community College, Basingstoke

  • Leigh Technology Academy, Dartford