Solar Shading

Solar Management


Significant advancements in solar shading technologies have helped improve building thermal efficiencies and reduce energy consumption. Solar management is a cost effective, long term strategy for controlling unwanted heat gain and heat loss.

  • Passively control levels of light, heat and glare improving comfort levels
  • Reduce reliance on heating and cooling systems
  • Minimise ongoing energy bills and consumption levels
  • Aid specification of higher energy rated buildings

System features


Controlling the amount of heat entering buildings reduces our demands on room comfort systems installed to maintain an ambient temperature. Several different forms of solar management solutions are available from SAS International. These include solar shading (sunscreens) and daylight reflectors.

Daylight Reflectors

Daylight reflectors reflect natural daylight directly or indirectly into large open areas. They are important for controlling both the amount of light and glare. They can also enable the maximum use of daylight or create effects with artificial lighting.

Solar Shading

Sunscreens are an attractive and practical solution to controlling solar gain through a glazed roof or facade. They can assist in the prevention of overheating in conjunction with other cooling solutions.


Often used in large atria, shopping malls and airports, solar management systems can be visually stunning. By integrating into the ceiling plane, they introduce an additional design element as well as offering a practical solution.

Solar management systems can also be used as service gantries, hiding unsightly cables, and housing essential services.


System Weight

Sunscreens and reflectors will vary in weight depending on design and project requirements. Modules incorporating lighting and other electrical services will have significantly higher loads.

Please contact our technical design team for best practice guidance.

Standard Finish

  • Coating – Polyester powder coat
  • Colour – RAL 9010 (Pure White)

Special & Non-standard Finishes

  • Available in full range of standard RAL colours
  • Anti-bacterial Coating (SAS AB)

Other specialist powder coat finishes are available on request. For more information on non-standard finishes, please contact our technical services team.

Standard Size & Shape

Our solar management systems can be manufactured in various shapes and forms including curved panels. Most frequently they are manufactured in the form of perforated panels to glazed atria.  

Both sunscreens and daylight reflectors can also take unique shapes and forms. The specifier can co-ordinate with a design theme or make a design statement in their own right.



Sunscreens can be perforated with open areas of up to 50%, depending on demands.

Solar Shading Projects

  • Westfield, Stratford

  • Ataturk Airport, Istanbul