SAS AfterCare

We provide a specialist repair, maintenance and alteration service for existing clients and facilities managers. SAS AfterCare offers property owners and occupiers a fast and reliable service to maintain and amend existing installations.

The adaptive nature of SAS ceilings allows for changes of use within the building. Changes may occur due to new tenants, restructuring of existing space or integration of new technology or services.

Our detailed knowledge of existing SAS projects allows us to engage with customers in an insightful and cost effective manner. Helping to accelerate this process is our comprehensive project database containing original drawings and specifications from historical SAS installations.

Members of the SAS AfterCare team are available to conduct onsite surveys to quickly identify system detail and specification. Any new ceiling or alteration requirement is assessed prior to the placement of any orders. This avoids any doubt or risk associated with complex applications or bespoke products.

SAS AfterCare has expertise in system identification, estimating and design. Our team undertakes all required activities to assist in the maintenance and adaptation of bespoke and complex metal ceiling installations. These installations typically have close interfaces with other integrated services, such as lighting, ventilation, or even radiant chilled panels.

Full service offering:

  • Dilapidations – Renewal or making good at the end of the lease period
  • System replacements – Delivering replacements for damaged tiles and ceiling components
  • Emergency repairs
  • System upgrades – Replacing or upgrading light fittings and/or acoustic materials
  • Extensions or modifications to existing installations
  • Integration of new building services
  • Technical advice

SAS AfterCare is only available in the UK.

For more information please call +44 (0) 118 929 0900 or email