As shopping evolves into a leisure activity the leading retailers and shopping centre owners compete to provide the ultimate shopping experience. The consumer now demands a more comfortable, attractive environment and SAS is dedicated to providing high quality metal solutions that satisfy their demands.

Clients, particularly in the retail industry, favour identifying their brand throughout a building. This can be achieved by colour, design and service integration. SAS products can be designed in accordance with individual requirements.

In any retail environment durability is imperative in making sure products are safe over a number of years. Durability of metal products reduces ongoing maintenance costs by being resilient to accidental and malicious damage.

Retail sector design demands need to focus on the safety of building users in a public space. Shopping centres, supermarkets and large open spaces need to consider these demands. SAS products, in accordance with a design specification, can meet these requirements. Various public safety variables can be incorporated into ceilings including perforation sizes for smoke extraction, fire safety product integration, and emergency lighting.

SAS have developed ceiling lighting and bulkhead package solutions for a number of retail chains. These solutions are value engineered and formalised as the standard specification for each new and refurbished store ensuring consistent value for the retailer.

Due to the nature of the retail sector, demand can often be aggressive and lead times short. SAS products can be ordered, manufactured and delivered in accordance with a demanding schedule of work. Many corporate, retail clients expect or request stock holding of their specified product. SAS can accommodate this in accordance with client specification and roll out.

Services, speakers, signage, fire alarms, sprinklers lighting, heating/cooling and partitioning can all be integrated with SAS products.