Accessibility & Maintenance

With ever increasing complexity in building design and additional integration of services required within interior products there is a need to provide for regular maintenance access whilst also avoiding potential damage to products.

Metal products are renowned for their durability and ease of maintenance, reducing lifetime costs through their resilience to accidental or malicious damage.

Security, service integration and accessibility are important specification criteria for any project and the use of metal as a raw material allows designs to be flexible but practical on a day to day basis.

The frequency and type of access required is dependent upon the particular system, the environment and the number of services included. In some environments, like schools and airports, public safety and security are major concerns and secure access must be guaranteed. In other environments quick and easy access is required to avoid disruption to occupiers or building users.

Maintaining security is a priority. SAS has developed a variety of solutions to provide access to services whilst allowing for security considerations; for example, by using secure access panels or security clips.

Depending upon requirements, a bespoke design can incorporate a variety of access panels. SAS International can provide a range of solutions that allow simple and safe access for service maintenance.


Metal Ceilings

A range of ceiling access options are available using different ceiling systems.

The preferred solution for opening large areas of the ceiling void has traditionally been System 150, a downward demountable solution with a hinge and slide facility to retain the tile within the ceiling plane. The main benefit is that ceiling tiles do not have to be physically removed from the supporting grid saving time on site and minimising the risk of tile damage.  

Architectural Metalwork

Access options are key in ensuring SAS Architectural Metalwork systems such wall panels, column casings and service rafts are functional on site. Please define these requirements during the design and application stage.

Maintaining SAS Systems

SAS Systems are manufactured from a robust metal and finished with a durable powder coated paint finish. The clean surface is easily maintained and performs well in demanding environments. With SAS systems an exceptional 25–40 year product life can be achieved.

Ceiling Systems need to be extremely robust and claims made by some suppliers on the suitability of their products and technical composition of the ceiling for cleaning is varied. Unlike other suspended ceilings metal ceiling tiles are not limited to a fixed number of wash cycles and can be cleaned regularly. No components in the ceiling can be dislodged using normal methods or pressurised cleaning equipment.

The nature and application of our systems in use means that cleaning will be essential. The frequency of this depends upon the environment, function and application within the building.

Although our systems are manufactured with a durable paint finish, strong chemical detergents should not be used. A mild detergent diluted in warm water, applied with a soft cloth and wiped with a chamois leather or dry soft cloth will maintain the paint finish in a good condition.

NB: Specifying SAS AB (Anti-Bacterial) coating does not remove the need for regular cleaning. All anti-bacterial finishes need to be specified in accordance with established infection control and cleaning procedures.

For more demanding environments, a 30 or 40 year paint guarantee is available on our range of products. Before this can be underwritten each batch of finished products are subject to a series of eight tests; including adhesion, gloss level, pressure and impact.

SAS International is one of five UK in-house approved applicators of Interpon D architectural powder coatings. This quality assured paint provides a thick layer of durable covering to a metal surface, often specified by architects as a preferred choice.

FIS Accredited Member

SAS International is an Accredited Member of FIS

For independent advice for the maintenance of suspended ceilings, the Finishes & Interiors Sector (FIS) publish a free guide called the "FIS Best Practice Guide: maintenance and access into suspended ceilings".