When designing for any project, different options can affect the aesthetic finish of any interior product; complimenting and reflecting architectural features.

Client requirements play a significant part, some have international corporate styles while others require a tailored or flexible solution.

Ceiling systems either have a concealed or exposed grid. Exposed grids can be flush with the ceiling plane or recessed, tiles can be modular or manufactured to planning modules. Concealed grids design can produce a monolithic ceiling plane.

Architectural Metalwork can have a significant impact upon the aesthetics of a building, whether used as a practical and functional solution or a design feature/ focal point within a building.


These can play a key role in providing acoustic comfort. There are many different perforation patterns available, with varying degrees of open area from 1% to 65%, depending upon project requirements. Larger, open area perforations can allow heating and cooling products to be installed behind the SAS system leaving a clean flush finish.

Mesh & Expanded Metalwork 

Whether driven by aesthetic needs or smoke extraction requirements, mesh is an increasingly popular tile option. SAS has been manufacturing expanded metalwork for decades and recently launched a new range of mesh options.

Our standard mesh options are available for SAS330. Configurable options are also available for SAS330 and SAS200.

Non-standard bespoke options can also be manufactured to specification. For more information on bespoke mesh systems or patterns, please contact our technical design team.

Integration of Other Building Elements or Products

Consideration should be given to how SAS systems integrate with the surrounding building elements, such as walls, ceilings and columns, to complement and enhance the building design.