Size & Shape

Building Module Size

The shape of a building can impact upon the design of SAS systems. Products can be manufactured to work with standard or non-standard module sizes.

When specifying and considering the needs of your design, SAS International can support a design vision through the engineering and manufacture of specialist metalwork, in any shape or form, which can integrate with other building elements, accommodate services and access and complement the design of the building.

Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling tiles can be modular in traditional sizes of 500 x 500mm, 600 x 600mm, 750 x 750mm. System 330 can be manufactured in any size to match building module sizes. Mega panels can be manufactured in sizes up to 1500 x 1500mm. However, other sizes are available.

In addition to square and rectangular ceiling tiles other design options are available. Triangular and trapezoidal tiles can be manufactured in addition to curved and waveform systems.

Trims | Profiles | Detailing

To ‘finish’ a traditional ceiling the design of borders and trims answer many aesthetic questions including: how does the ceiling plane integrate with the surrounding building components? Will the suspended ceiling be surrounded by a plasterboard margin? Will it have a shadow gap or floating edge detail? For example, if the ceiling is run to the edge of the building it may be necessary to have a trim to hold any cut tiles.