Environmental Product Declarations

Environmental Product Declarations, EPD®, are a verified document that reports environmental data of products by using a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and other relevant information. Assessed in accordance with international standard ISO 14025 (Type III Environmental Declarations). An environmental declaration is defined in ISO 14025 as qualified environmental data for a product with pre-set categories of parameters. This is based on the ISO 14040 series of standards and does not exclude additional environmental information.

The contents in the EPD must be in line with the requirements and guidelines in ISO 14020 (Environmental labels and declarations - General principles). Any environmental claims based on the EPD is recommended to meet the requirements in ISO 14021 (Environmental labels and declarations - Self-declared environmental claims) as well as national legislation and best available practices in the markets in which it will be used. The international standard ISO 14021 states that only environmental claims that can be supported by up-to-date and documented facts may be used. Vague claims, such as "environmentally friendly" should be avoided.

SAS has 15 EPDs that cover 145 different grid and acoustic backing options. SAS EPDs also include product delivery options to the UK, Europe, Middle East and Australia.

EPDs are:

  • A full quantative Life Cycle Assessment of a manufacturer’s system or product from extracting raw materials and manufacturing through to disposal.
  • Assessed on a variety of different levels including the evaluation of raw materials, transportation, manufacturing process and disposal of products.
  • Verification of environmental claims: an environmental equivalent of a technical data sheet.
  • Valid for 5 years.
  • A tool for specifiers to select responsibly sourced products and materials, acquiring the environmental impact of a finished product and comparing it to similar products.
  • Contributors to building rating tools such as BREEAM, Green Star, LEED and SKA.
  • Applicable to both standard and bespoke products.
  • Useful to manufacturers who can incorporate EPDs into product data templates that drive BIM Objects.
  • Independently verified and published in accordance with international standard ISO14025 BS EN 15804:2012.