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An evolution of the industry benchmark, SAS330i is suitable for any building module, offering all of the versatility of SAS330. The fully integrated lighting profile creates a clean and elegant alternative to separate lighting options. Available in linear and tartan grid forms, the system combines a crisp, monolithic aesthetic with high performance in equal measure.

System features


The secure void is completely accessible by removing the lay-in tiles, with no need for specialist tools.

Module Sizes

SAS330i profiles can be manufactured in 50 mm increments up to 3 m lengths. Light modules available in 1.5 m and 3 m as standard with terminator modules manufactured to order between 0.5-3 m in 50 mm increments.


SAS330i is available in all standard SAS finishes. Bespoke finishes are available on request.


SAS330i tiles can be manufactured with any standard SAS perforation pattern. Bespoke perforations are also an option.

Acoustic Materials

16mm deep, 80Kg density mineral wool pad with black tissue face, foil back and sides. Other acoustic materials are available depending on performance requirements.

Service Integration

SAS330i ceiling tiles and profiles can be formed with apertures during manufacturing and post painted to integrate additional services. Chilled panels are also an option. Please contact our technical team for further information on integrating additional
M&E services and sensors.

Please note: Additional loads applied to SAS330i ceiling tiles must not exceed 7Kg. Anything in excess of 7Kg requires independent suspension.

Lifetime and maintenance

The LED light source used in SAS330i will still deliver over 90% of their peak light output after 60,000 hours of operation. Electronic control gear will operate for 100,000 hours with a maximum 10% failure level.

Light modules can be accessed for maintenance from below the ceiling by removing the diffuser, and easily demounted by releasing the retaining spring clips.


Emergency lighting can be provided through 3-hour maintained emergency versions of the SAS330i light module. All emergency lighting provision calculations should be approved by a suitably qualified person.

Typically, 12-20% of luminaires in SAS330i are required to be maintained emergency versions.

Control system compatibility

Each 1.5 m light module is supplied with a DALI addressable and dimmable driver. Modules with integrated emergency provision have an additional DALI addressable and reporting emergency converter.

Technical Support

Please contact our technical team for all questions relating to access, security, bespoke features, service integration or load support.

System drawings

SAS330i - Drawings PDF

SAS330i - Drawings PDF


SAS330i - Drawings CAD

SAS330i - Drawings CAD



Key Performance Parameters

Light output per linear metre 1533 lumens
Circuit power per linear metre 13.3 W
Typical UGR value* 19 or less
Luminance at 65 ° <3000 cd/m2
CCT 4000 K
Colour Rendering Index 80 Ra
Colour Consistency 3 SDCM
Emergency lumen package (where ordered) 480 lumens
Lighting Control Protocol DALI
Nominal maximum run length 
(C16 MCB)*
69 m

* Guidance values only, full calculations to be undertaken by a qualified engineer.

Lighting Design Guidance

The below values are provided as an indication of lighting performance in a typical application situation, they are not intended to replace the services of an experienced lighting design professional. All figures stated are representative of anticipated performance based on the parameters provided below. These are not guaranteed performance values.


Typical floor-height
Light Level (lux)

Typical Task Area

Lighting Load (W/m2)

Typical Glare
Value (UGR)

Mean Cylindrical
Illuminance (lux)

Typical Modelling



0.93 4.44 < 19 270 0.48

These values are based on the following room properties:
Dimensions (LxWxH): 30m x 15m x 2.7m. Surface reflectance values (C:W:F): 80:60:30. Maintenance Factor: 0.85

Specification Text:

  • Linear recessed luminaire capable of long continuously lit runs.
  • 100 mm wide low glare micro-prismatic optic with integral source obscuration for a uniform lit appearance, suitable for installations requiring UGR values below 19 and luminance limits up to 3000 cd/m2 at 65°.
  • Light Output: 1533 lm/m
  • Connected Load: 13.3 W/m
  • CCT: 4000 K
  • Colour Rendering Index: Ra 80 minimum
  • Service Life: 60,000 hours to L90. Luminaire body of white powder coated extruded aluminium. Complete with integral DALI addressable control gear and modular wiring system. Integral 3 hours DALI addressable emergency versions available to order.