Bloomberg HQ Wins RIBA Sterling Prize 2018

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Global architects Forster + Partners has been awarded this year’s RIBA Stirling Prize for its £1 billion project, Bloomberg European HQ; a building SAS International is proud to have collaborated on. Lauded the most sustainable commercial office space and branded a ‘monumental achievement’, this prestigious award showcases Bloomberg’s superior status as a building like no other in Europe.


A collaborative enterprise which achieved a 98.5% Outstanding BREEAM rating, Bloomberg is a celebration of UK design, manufacturing and installation expertise. Incorporating sweeping public spaces and the latest design technology all within a unique bronze-cladding exterior, Bloomberg is a testament to British architecture and innovation.  

SAS International worked closely with Foster + Partners and Bloomberg to realise their vision for this landmark building. The project has been widely acclaimed across the media, including the BBC, Architects Journal and The Guardian

Client Michael R. Bloomberg said: ‘When we embarked on this project, we wanted to create a cutting-edge design that would push the boundaries of what an office building could be, which meant setting new standards for openness and sustainability. At the same time, we wanted to honour London’s history and contribute to its vitality.’

‘We knew that if we could achieve both objectives, we’d have a building that would inspire everyone who set foot inside it. This prize indicates that – thanks to the brilliant Norman Foster – we succeeded. And we’re grateful to everyone who worked so hard to bring it to life.’ 

SAS International is extremely proud to have been involved in such a large-scale, trend-defining project, which represents a culmination of 50 years of design, engineering and manufacturing knowledge. SAS supplied 24,000m2 of product, creating bespoke metal ceilings to meet the client’s ambitious design demands. Out of the many products used, the striking, delicately designed metal petals were a unique aesthetic consideration which hit the mark on visual appearance, acoustic performance and thermal control. 

A history-defining project, the architectural legacy of Bloomberg European HQ will continue far into the future. Many congratulations to Foster + Partners and Bloomberg for winning one of the most distinguished awards in the global design industry. 

For further information on SAS International’s involvement in the Bloomberg European HQ project, please read our case study: