Mercedes Vehicles Lead the SAS International Fleet

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SAS International is proud to announce the new addition of five premium quality Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Two 26-tonne Actros and a trio of 3.5-tonne Sprinter chassis cabs are a worthy investment for the company, showcasing how SAS International is committed to offering the most efficient delivery solutions for its loyal customers.

The new vehicles will operate from SAS’s production facility in Oldbury, West Midlands where the vehicles are expected to cover 140,000 miles a year. Due to the nature of these extensive journeys, SAS sought the assistance of truck and trailer retail specialists, J Clarke Transport (JCT). Under the advice and expertise of JCT, SAS chose two Actros for the long-distance jobs, particularly as the vehicles contain state-of-the-art six-cylinder engines which will assure smooth and fuel-efficient drives to any UK destination. 

Time, fuel-cost and reliability were three considerations which all five vehicles had to fulfil. All three of the Sprinter chassis cabs contain 2.1-litre turbodiesel engines which is perfect for time-efficient deliveries. The two Actros can carry a Moffett Mounty Forklift truck, where their drawbar units can perform operations for up to 40 tonnes GTW. This will provide SAS with the ideal combination of high-capacity loads and flexibility – an important combination when executing deliveries in busy cities such as London, which is a huge client base for SAS.

SAS is excited to get these vehicles on the road, and the company is extremely thankful for JCT’s continued after sales support. Routine inspections and servicing will guarantee all five vehicles run at their best to deliver SAS’s products across the nation.

Brian Barber, Transport Manager said: “The implementation of the new fleet will assist in promoting SAS as a market leader in our field. The new vehicle designs will assist in promoting our core product lines and showcase a number of high profile projects which the company has been involved in.”

“The partnership with J Clarke Transport will support our fleet with the reduction of the company’s carbon footprint and assist with fuel efficiency with the extensive and valued after care support that they offer, which is second to none.”  

“The introduction of the new fleet shows the value and commitment that the company has in the importance of our drivers being ambassadors for the company in such a customer facing role – they are the public face of SAS International.”