SAS Ceilings Fire Tested and GreenTag Certified

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With the fire performance of construction products an important consideration on all projects, the world’s leading manufacturer of acoustic ceiling solutions, SAS International, is delighted to announce that its ceilings have been rigorously tested and certified to Australian fire standards, and comply with the provisions of the Global GreenTag™ Certification programme.

Following recent fire testing carried out by independent testing authority Exova Warrington Fire in Australia, SAS International’s range of perforated metal ceiling systems have been confirmed as fully compliant with the Australian National Construction Code (NCC). They have also been confirmed to comply with the Building Code for Australia (C1.10a Fire Hazard and Smoke Developed Properties-Floors, Walls and Ceilings) requirements.

The testing was conducted to AS ISO 9705 which simulates a fire that under well-ventilated conditions starts in a corner of a small room with a single open doorway. The physical testing method is intended to evaluate the contribution to fire growth provided by a surface product using a specified ignition source.

For the test, SAS International tested a perforated metal ceiling with an acoustic pad infill and achieved a Group 1 result. This would offer a comparison of performance to the European Classification EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009.

Josh Hillman of SAS International said: “With the fire performance of construction products very high on architect’s and designer’s minds, we not only wanted to ensure our products meet both national and international testing requirements, but also be able to offer reassurance of fire performance in Australia and surrounding countries. Overall, the Group 1 result was a very good outcome and in keeping with our system and other fire test results.”

Additionally, the test has provided the evidence and data to support SAS International’s Global GreenTag™ certification and provides supporting verification and credits to other green building rating schemes such as Green Star®, EnviroDevelopment™, EarthCheck® , LEED v4 and BREEAM.

“The Global GreenTag™ certification and ISO 9705 fire test will support the continued growth of SAS International, both in the southern hemisphere and globally,” added Josh Hillman.

A third party, green building product rating and certification system, GreenTag™ is underpinned by rigorous scientific and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) processes. Ecospecifier's Green Tag™ ecolabel rating positions a product within the top end of the green product market.