SAS joins the UN Global Compact Initiative

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The increasing threat of climate change and widening gaps between socioeconomic groups has meant that being a sustainable and socially responsible business makes strong business sense in the uncertain times in which we operate.  It’s why as part of our commitment to making the construction industry more sustainable, SAS has joined the UN Global Compact, the world’s leading and most widely supported voluntary corporate social responsibility initiative. But what does this mean for SAS and how can the company help play a part in accelerating sustainable development?

The UN Global Impact was launched in 2000 and operates within the framework of 10 key principles relating to respect for human rights, employment standards, environmental stewardship and ethical governance. Having completed our first annual Corporate Sustainability Report /Communication on Progress (CSR/CoP) under the UN Global Compact scheme, SAS is now one of more than 7,000 companies across 164 countries who have committed to meeting responsibilities in the core principal areas within its daily operations, culture and business strategy. 

Our CSR/CoP offers the transparency needed to highlight our achievements in this area and provides details on the targets we set ourselves in relation to the Global Compact principles. This will help the company contribute towards sustainable development worldwide and help support the various project requirements under LEED and other building rating schemes.  Joining the Global Compact Initiative will help SAS further improve its efforts by collaborating with other leading companies that are focused on a sustainable future.

In the current climate, corporate responsibility is no longer an option, it should be part of a company’s DNA and is good for business.  As a leading manufacturer of acoustic ceiling solutions, SAS incorporates corporate social responsibility in its day-to-day operations and is proud of the progress it’s making in this area. 

As our company continues to grow, SAS is keen to be part of this UN initiative and what has become a global force for good. The company places sustainability at the forefront of everything that it does and strives to do business with the highest standard of business integrity.  Operating in an ethical, environmental and socially responsible manner will ensure that SAS contributes to a truly sustainable society.