Charlestown Mall, Dublin

The Charlestown Mall shopping Centre features a bespoke suspended ceiling solution which appears to float down the length of the walkway.

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Charlestown Management Ltd


HKR Architects

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G & T Crampton


SAS Project Management

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Bespoke Metal Ceilings

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Architectural metalwork solutions from SAS International were chosen for a recently completed €140 million shopping centre near Dublin. Designed by HKR Architects, the shopping mall includes 24 double height retail units, and features a high design specification.

SAS International was asked by the architects to work with them to create a bespoke solution for the ceilings in the central walkway of the Mall, utilising the SAS in house design team. The result is striking; a feature suspended ceiling floats down the length of the walkway, with three dimensional metal ‘kites’ protruding along its length.

Manufactured from triangular panels, the installation has the appearance of a central spine, while integrating luminaires, IT and security equipment.

“Charlestown provides a quality retailing experience,” says Phillip Taylor from HKR Architects. “We worked with SAS International to provide a metal ceiling solution which offers a robust option that is easy to maintain, but we have also created a unique design that fitted perfectly into our vision for the interior environment,” added Hendrik Mueller, who also worked on the project.

The panels were perforated which allows for the light to shine through from above.  With glazed panels on either side of the metalwork, the roof becomes an attractive design feature, open light and space helps make for a comfortable and attractive shopping experience.

Suspension components holding the white suspended metalwork add to the feeling that it is floating. Similar metal triangular formation panel designs from SAS International feature in the ceilings above the side malls, but suspended in horizontal ‘bands’ which create a feeling of increased breadth in the space.

Stretching design, manufacturing parameters and processes are demonstrated through SAS International’s architectural metalwork. Adding to the immediate environment or making a statement, architectural metalwork solutions provide huge flexibility as well as practical options that are fit for purpose.

SAS International’s dedicated Dublin office has completed a number of architectural metalwork projects across Ireland including; column casings and spandrel panels at Riverside One, Dublin; acoustic lighting rafts for the Commissionaire of Irish Lights, Dublin and air handlings units at Mahon Point, Cork.

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