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Crystal Park in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France is situated between Paris CBD and Paris-La Défense. A stunning complex in an outstanding 3.5-hectare park. It was originally constructed in the sixties but was redeveloped to create modern, sustainable office buildings with a central services pavilion, designed by architects Valode & Pistre, which completed in 2001.

In 2016, occupants PwC were considering moving their France HQ to a new location but decided instead on a 3 stage refurbishment of their office space within Crystal Park. Completed in March 2018, the full project included modularisation and services integration, bringing its functionality up-to-date and suitable for interfacing with new technologies, ultimately creating a future-proofed commercial office space. 

SAS International was selected for its quality, client relationship and its reputation as providing unparalleled solutions and services around the world. SAS International visited the project on numerous occasions, touching base with subcontractors, Augagneur, and the clients to assure a smooth process and delivery.

SAS International manufactured and installed 28,000sqm of SAS330 to the open plan offices and meeting room spaces. SAS330 was specified for its versatility and uniform aesthetic, achieving an uninterrupted and clean sweep of white ceiling tiles. 

SAS worked with the client’s facilities team to create special SAS330 hinging tiles with a latch and spring for easy access to, and maintenance of, the ventilation system in the corridors.

The profile suspended ceiling in linear grid form, allows for complete void access and total service integration as was required in the brief, whilst flush tiles met with the aesthetic expectations of the client. The white tiles were selected with a 1522 perforation in order to moderate sound levels in office and meeting rooms, thereby meeting the client’s acoustic criteria.

The project’s acoustic requirements were dominant in the brief but the stipulated levels were exceeded by the standard performance of the SAS330 product, combined with an acoustic pad and plasterboard backing, providing high dB attenuation.

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