Kaleidoscope, Lewisham

SAS International’s innovative System 600 acoustic lighting rafts help achieve an efficient and comfortable environment.

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Lewisham PCT


Van Heyningen & Hayward

Main contractor

William Verry Ltd


SAS Project Management

Completion year


System type

SAS600, Radiant Panels

Area M2

515 linear metres


United Kingdom

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Kaleidoscope, a brand new £13.3m centre for children and young people, recently opened in Lewisham in November 2006. Lewisham Primary Care Trust, through a design competition, selected architects van Heyningen & Haward (vHH) for this ground-breaking project. Specified by Max Fordham Consulting Engineers, HCP’s Radiant Heating Panels were used in conjunction with SAS International’s innovative SAS600 acoustic lighting rafts to help achieve an efficient and comfortable environment.

HCP, a division of SAS International, supplied and installed the Radiant Heating and Cooling Panels which were installed around the perimeter of the glass curtain to help offset fabric and ventilation heat losses in winter and heat gains in summer. Specified by Max Fordham Consulting Engineers, the panels were manufactured to meet specific design specifications from vHH. The panels were recessed to sit flush with the ceiling soffit, incorporating perforations on the visible underside. 515 linear metres of panels were installed in total.

Radiant heating and cooling was preferred due to its compatibility with the inslab cooling system. This avoided the need for radiators at low levels which would use up valuable floor space, constrain room layouts and also be a potential hazard for children. In addition, the panels help offset the cold down drafts and condensation commonly associated with large glazed areas.

Staff, families and young people were closely involved in the design and development of the Centre. It is an example of a patient-centred facility that ‘puts the person before the system’. At the hub of this is the role of architecture and design in effectively delivering services in the healthcare sector.

Lewisham Children and Young Person’s Centre is recognised as a leading example of design and innovation in primary health and social care. It is the first of its kind to provide such a comprehensive range of integrated health and social care services.

It is now well recognised that primary care buildings need to change to cope with the increased breadth of services that they are expected to offer and their high quality of design is vital to ensure that those services function effectively.

This project was described by the industry body Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) as illustrating the principles of ‘Creating Excellent Buildings’, and that the building will be a nationally recognised model for the delivery of primary care.

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