Lewin's Place, Bristol

SAS International's active ISMs helped achieve a BREEAM rating of “Very Good” for Lewin's Place, a significant achievement in this 1970’s refurbishment.

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Arlington Property Investors


Stride Treglown

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Hulley & Kirkwood


SAS International

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Integrated Service Modules | ISM

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Over 1,580m of active Integrated Service Modules (ISMs), providing both cooling and heating, were supplied and installed by SAS International at the refurbishment of Lewins Place in Bristol. Working closely with M&E Consultants, Hulley & Kirkwood, and architects, Stride Treglown, the active ISMs helped achieve a BREEAM rating of “Very Good”; a significant achievement in this 1970’s refurbishment.

Physical building constraints affected decisions about opportunities to maximise the available space and which energy efficient services to specify. Dr Brian Atkins, Associate, Hulley & Kirkwood Consulting Engineers, said: “In striving for the maximum net floor area and maximum floor to ceiling height, a number of different thermal emitters were considered: fan coil units, perimeter induction units, thermal ceiling and active beams. Given the spatial constraints, appearance, the existing riser locations and the calculated cooling/heating loads, a four-pipe top discharge active beam option was selected to satisfy these criteria.”

Dr Brian Atkins added; “Further spatial restrictions imposed by the client such as minimal ceiling voids, no low level emitters and integration with the lighting layout added to the decision process.”

Tristan Rhodes, associate architect at Stride Treglown, commented “ISMs integrating top discharge active beams, T5 luminaires, PIR sensors and a flanged edge to support a suspended metal ceiling system was designed, supplied and installed by SAS International. Along with combining services in one compact unit, the flanged edge removes the need for a separate ceiling support system, allowing the metal ceiling to be installed directly below the soffit.”

“An additional benefit of ISMs is providing low energy consumption without the space demanding ductwork associated with air-conditioning systems,” added Tristan Rhodes.

A recirculation air path was introduced between the supply and exhaust air streams (14th floor plant room). Dr Atkins explains “This reduced the dehumidification load and chiller demand during summer. It also minimised the air handling unit’s air heater batteries in winter.” In this way energy use is reduced and occupant comfort is maintained.

SAS International also supplied and installed a SAS330 metal ceiling system and bulkheads, throughout the building; and HCP radiant heating panels to the lift lobbies.

Lewins Place, formerly known as Greyfriars is a 14-storey two-tower construction. The West tower comprises fourteen floors, and the East tower seven floors. The refurbishment was a undertaken for clients The Tyne & Weir Pension Fund, project managed by Aberdeen Property Investors UK Limited.

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