LUL, Wembley Park Station

A robust solution for the new and improved Wembley Park Station which aims to provide for increased capacity within the station.

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London Underground Ltd


Pascall-Watson Architects

Main contractor

Taylor Woodrow Construction


City Ceiling Systems Ltd

Completion year


System type

SAS750 Tubeline

Area M2



United Kingdom

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The existing Wembley Park Underground Station has been extended and modernised to provide for a significant capacity enhancement to serve the new Wembley National Stadium and the surrounding area.

Pascall+Watson Architects were asked by London Underground to proceed with a design proposal for a station scheme that significantly increased the station’s passenger throughput and facilities. SAS International’s Tubeline system was specified for the public concourse areas to provide a robust solution for this demanding environment.

Public concourse areas are semi-external spaces in which ceilings are exposed to accumulation of dust and to high levels of humidity. The chosen ceiling had to be a low maintenance system that retained  its appearance over a long period of time.  SAS’s Tubeline system, consisting of 50mm diameter extruded aluminium tubes with a powder-coated finish, was chosen rather than conventional ceiling tiles primarily because of its durability and its ability not to show dirt or dust.

The tubes are fitted within a steel frame suspended from the structural soffit and can be demounted individually. Where required, special hinged panels within the tubes have been provided to give easy access for maintenance to services within the ceiling void.

Aluminium trays separate tubular panels with integrated luminaries and speakers. The ceiling’s perforated nature allows for sign and CCTV camera poles to protrude between the tubes and to be fixed to the structural soffit without any direct interface with the ceiling.

When viewed perpendicularly, the metal ceiling tubes give the impression of a seamless ceiling surface.  All materials have had to undergo LUL’s rigorous acceptance procedures in terms of their value for money, durability, life cycle costs and fire performance.

The architectural layout of the new station complex has been designed around the flow of passenger movements in order to enhance the feelings of openness, security and ease of use of the station. A new Auxiliary Concourse provides modern state-of the-art facilities for passengers using the stadium, Arena and Conference centres as well as benefiting day-to-day commuters.

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