Oakhill House, Kent

A bespoke ISM product was designed to fit within a coffered soffit at Oakhill House offices.

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RHWL Architects

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SAS Project Management

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Integrated Service Modules | ISM

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United Kingdom

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SAS International have supplied and installed bespoke Passive ISMs to Oakhill House, a two storey 2600m² office based in Kent.

The architects wanted to ensure the strict aesthetic criteria was maintained whilst ensuring overall performance standards. This resulted in a bespoke ISM product being designed.

The exposed concrete coffered ceiling was a significant design feature of the space. However, due to the acoustic demands of the environment each ceiling coffer was lined with acoustic panelling. Any sound that travels up into the coffer and around the ISMs is absorbed and reflected back into the space.

This was integral to ensure the ISM design could work effectively. Sitting within a coffered soffit the ISMs were required to allow light from integrated side luminaires to be reflected consistently across the face of the module. Side lights generally do not make light reflection easy resulting in the face areas of the ISMs to be dark.

By using blades enough light was able to be directed throughout the plate to ensure the required light levels were met. This is the first time an aluminium blade face plate has ever been used on an ISM product. Although the specification raised issues with light, when solved the aesthetic is totally unique and stands out from similar modules.

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