Santiago Airport, Spain

A Tricell system was designed by SAS International to fit the "Y" shaped departure lounge at Santiago Airport.

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Aena Aeropuertos


Alberto Noguerol + Pilar Diez Arquitectura

Main contractor

UTE Lavacolla


SAS Project Management

Completion year


System type

SAS810 Tricell, SAS710

Area M2




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SAS International has designed, manufactured and installed metal ceiling solutions for both interior and exterior areas of the new 74,000m² terminal of the Aeropuerto de Santiago, Spain.

SAS810 tricell has been installed to create a triangular aesthetic in the departure lounges. This open cell system provides a geometric form that can easily be repeated for a striking finish. The flexible approach in SAS International’s design process enabled this unique solution to fit within the ‘Y’ shaped designed departure lounge.

Installed in the main terminal and baggage hall, as well as exterior ceiling areas, is the linear profile system SAS710. The linear slat ceiling, designed so that each slat lines up neatly with the next, forms a perfect row resulting in clean and simple architectural lines. SAS710 was also chosen for the exterior of the building to provide continuity of design. Using specially designed slat retaining angles, the system has been adapted for strength and durability to prevent slats from being dislodged in high wind.

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