Tour T1 & Batiment B, Paris

SAS 330 has been fitted throughout these offices, with special trapezoidal panels supplied in addition to the rectangular panels.

Key features




Zac Danton paris


Valode & Pistre Architects

Main contractor

Bouygues Construction



Completion year


System type


Area M2

Tour T1- 30,000; Batiment B- 12,000



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Ceiling solutions from SAS International have proved the perfect fit for new office projects in Paris’s business district, La Défense. In two impressive developments – Tour T1 and Batiment B Zac Danton Paris, SAS International’s SAS330 metal ceilings met all criteria.

Valode & Pistre Architects and main contractor Bouygues Construction worked on Tour T1 and Batiment B for developer Hines Interest LP. Tour T1, an imposing and eye-catching building, the second tallest ‘sky scraper’ in the business district at 185m.

SAS330 was specified throughout the offices, with special trapezoidal panels supplied in addition to the rectangular panels.

Trapezoidal panels are an ideal solution for a ceiling in radial buildings such as this, with its curved ‘bull nose’ frontage. SAS International manufactured a series of paired trapezoidal panels which allowed the ‘notional corridor’ ceiling to neatly follow the shape of the building floor plate. The SAS International solution was chosen on the basis of quality, price, production capacity and performance. A stringent fire rating was specified, a strict criteria in French commercial buildings.

All of the SAS International products were tested at the CSTB Laboratory in France to the new safety standard EN 13501-1. The resulting classification of the panels is the highest that can be achieved for ceilings, A2-s1,d0; this is a measure of fire behaviour, smoke protection and flaming droplets. A series of acoustic tests were completed to determine sound absorption and sound attenuation performance of the ceiling. A figure of 49dB for sound attenuation was achieved which was noted as one of the best attenuation figures for an SAS ceiling recorded to date.

The trapezoidal ceiling system was designed so the ceiling would be fully accessible. Infill panels were supported from the exposed ‘C’ profile suspension grid providing a flush finish. Swing down access from the grid means easy maintenance to the ceiling void. Panels can be slid back along the grid to provide additional access.

Located at the foot of Tour T1 and designed by the same architect, Batiment B complements the urban plan at the entrance of the site. It features deep interior spaces with few columns, and a curved frontage. Such wide expanses provide a feeling of space requiring ceiling modules which are sympathetic to the layout.

SAS International worked with Bouygues Construction on this project. SAS330 was chosen for its flexibility including a section with trapezoidal profiles to maintain the curve of the building. SAS330 offers the facility to design the ceiling to any building planning grid ensuring that the ceiling follows the structural elements of the building design. Infill panels are available in a variety of designs.

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