VWFS, Milton Keynes

Key features




Volkswagen Financial Services


Scott Brownrigg / Peter Haddon & Partners

Main contractor

Vinci Construction UK Ltd


Elmsmere Engineering Co

Completion year


System type

SAS130, SAS330, SAS750 Tubeline

Area M2



United Kingdom

Product Groups

With the aim of bringing together two separate sites, Volkswagen Financial Services (VWFS), Scott Brownrigg and Peter Haddon & Partners have created a collaborative and welcoming workplace in Milton Keynes.

The VWFS values of modernity, development, productivity and design have been at the forefront of the build and fit-out concept. Additionally, an aesthetic 'automotive' theme runs throughout the project including collaborative break-out spaces, a social café and colourful lounges.

A linear SAS330 ceiling with narrow c-profiles provides high levels of sound absorption with a minimalist aesthetic in the Kombe VW Van Café. Additionally, a bright white SAS130 system was used in the open plan office areas to create a bright and clean feel to the space.

Above the communal seating areas, feature ceilings with brightened and polished aluminium SAS750 Tubeline give access to the open soffit. With an industrial aesthetic to compliment the garage theme, the metallic finish echoes the chrome used on the classic VW window frames, bumpers and badge.

Brightly coloured lounge areas give a sense of the energy and colour associated with the VW Camper. SAS330 in multiple hues of purple, green and orange polyester powder coat help visitors to distinguish between each floor of the building.  

The external form of the build is simple and follows the shape of the former warehouse to preserve the surrounding landscape.

Winner of a Regional BCO Fit Out of Workplace Award, this project has also been nominated for a National BCO Award.


Systems used