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Chilled Systems


Our Integrated Service Modules (ISMs) are architectural metal casings housing active and passive chilled beams. ISMs may also be referred to as MSCBs (Multiservice Chilled Beams).

ISMs are commonly used for cooling (passive chilled beams), but may also heat interior spaces by way of an active chilled beam.

ISMs fulfil three main applications:

  • To cool and heat interior spaces
  • To integrate lighting and other mechanical and electrical services
  • To create a visually arresting, protective housing for service components

System features


  • Design led cooling system
  • Energy efficient: high operating temperatures and pressure drop
  • Active or passive cooling
  • Compatible with ground-sourcing and free cooling technologies
  • Off-site prefabrication, testing and commissioning available
  • Integration of services
  • Flexible in terms of future room layouts
  • Lack of moving parts, resulting in low maintenance regimes
  • Facilitates thermal mass cooling


Via hinge-down panels.

Sizes & Shapes

A range of shapes, widths and lengths is available to suit most applications.


Polyester Powder Coated, supplied as standard with a RAL 9010 smooth finish; an anti-bacterial coating (SAS AB) and other colours are available. See finishes for a full range of options.


For optimum performance an open area of 50% is recommended for passive ISMs, while for active ISMs an open area of 63% is recommended. See perforations for a full range of options.


Weight varies depending on size of cooling element, services integrated and whether it is a passive or active ISM.

Integrated Service Modules | ISM Projects

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