Radiant Panels

Radiant Heating


SAS radiant heating panels offer an energy efficient, low maintenance and fully recyclable solution to your space heating requirements.

Radiant Panels are durable and visually indistinguishable from a standard aluminium ceiling panel. Using water as the heat transfer medium, heat is radiated into occupied space as water flows through the system. Excellent thermal comfort is achieved for the occupants due to low air movement.

System features


  • Single piece continuous copper element contained within each panel
  • Easy to clean
  • Frees up floor and wall space
  • Rapid warm up times, due to low water content
  • Low air movement
  • Low pressure drop (operating pressures)
  • Low whole life costs – lack of moving parts
  • Minimum 25 year product life expectancy


  • Dependent on application, either via hinge down access or via a flush access panel.

Standard Sizes

  • Square and rectangular panels are available in lengths from 600mm and widths from 300mm.

Standard Finish

  • Coating – Polyester powder coat
  • Colour – RAL 9010 (Pure White)

Special & Non-standard Finishes

  • Available in full range of standard RAL colours
  • Anti-bacterial Coating (SAS AB)

Other specialist powder coat finishes are available on request. For more information on non-standard finishes, please contact our technical services team.


  • Dependant on design of panel and acoustic requirements.


  • Approximately 22kg/m² for tiles, filled copper elements, and suspension system.


In the manufacturing process, copper elements are bonded to the rear of a 1mm aluminium panel via aluminium pipe saddles. This process ensures maximum heat transfer between the metals and through panels.

Radiant Panels Performance


Installation guides

Radiant Panels Installation Guides